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The Effective Team Leader Training

From $5250 per attendee

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Available Courses

  • London

    16 September, 2024 - 20 September, 2024

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  • Dubai

    14 October, 2024 - 18 October, 2024

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  • Houston

    4 November, 2024 - 8 November, 2024

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Course Information

Day 1
• From Manager to Inspirational Leader
• The qualities of an effective leader: Born or learned?
• The challenges you face every day, the demands of others and the job!
• Leadership Verses Management
• Managing Change Effectively: The Rules
• Planning your Success Part One
• Developing a network of relationships and influence
• How leaders inspire action!

Day 2
• Personal Credibility & Making Meetings Matter
• The 4 “must-do’s” for every leader to build credibility
• Delegating Effectively: The pitfalls and the benefits
• Creating a new perspective for an effective meeting
• Delivering more with less time
• Managing time with other people in mind
• Planning and priority setting
• Interruptions and accessibility
• Understanding stress and managing stressed staff

Day 3
• Building a High Performing Team
• Group dynamics and team performance
• Conflict and conformity in group situations
• Team Problem solving and decision making
• Managing team meetings
• Improving communications and relationships
• Dimensions of staff performance
• Practical motivation
• Appraisal – case studies in performance management

Day 4
• Driving Up Engagement and Results
• Communicating Effectively to your team
• The Building Blocks of High Performing Teams
• Leadership styles and your personal strengths
• Creating a Coaching Leadership Style
• Active Listening and Questioning
• Advanced Communication Skills: What to listen for
• The Four Behaviours that get results

Day 5
• Dealing with Conflict and Influence Effectively
• Difficult People Defined
• The 4 most difficult types
• The specific skills of conflict
• Your Conflict Profile
• The 6 Keys to persuade and Influence
• The PROVE Model to influence effectively
• Action planning and programme review

The Effective Team Leader Training Course

Regardless of the size of work unit, whether you are experienced or not, this comprehensive course will build strong foundations of skills and knowledge you need to lead others to achieve phenomenal results!
You will uncover the powerful ways to motivate, inspire and get total involvement and commitment from your team. This highly renowned course integrates the very best learning from successful industry leaders to deliver strategies to create high performance teams.
You will take away many practical steps to the issues that you face every day at work and be equipped to deal with tough decisions to lead successfully in today’s fast paced environment.

• To set out clear guidelines for effective team leadership
• To enable participants to effectively lead staff by understanding key principles of leadership and motivation
• To understand the principles of ‘effective communication’ and how to use communication skills to make sure things get done properly, and on time
• To enable delegates to understand the value of delegation and prioritizing, so they are more effective and efficient in their work
• To examine the principles of management, effective planning and self-organization
• To give delegates greater self-awareness to enable them to improve their relationship with both those who manage them, and with their subordinates

Management professionals seeking leadership roles
High potential delegates looking to fast track their progress in leadership
Team Leaders and those seeking to step up to leading people
Individuals who have some experience at the supervisor/manager level and are ready to take more management responsibilities
Leaders who are looking to improve their managerial competencies

Continuing Professional Development