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Strategic HR for Leaders Training

From $5250 per attendee

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Day 1
Organisational Context and HR Goals
 Characteristics of Organisations
 The Goals of HR Practice
 Organising the HR Function

Day 2
Measuring Organisation Performance
• Introduction to Balanced Score Card
• Business Excellence in Action
• Measuring Organisation Performance

Day 3
The Employee Journey
• Recruitment & Selection Issues and barriers
• Effective Induction
• Managing Performance
• Dealing with Discipline
• Resignation Issues

Day 4
Motivation and its Impact on Performance
 What motivation looks like
 The Theories of Motivation
 Your Motivational Style
 The Role of Employee Forums

Day 5
HR Strategies
• The Competency Concept
• Creating a Coaching Culture
• Emotional Intelligence for all

Strategic HR for Leaders Training Course

This is an interactive and immersive course that takes participants on a journey of discovery within Strategic HR. Designed specifically for Leaders with non-technical skills within the HR discipline, we will explore the role of Leaders and HR. Appreciation of the HR function will lead to greater understanding and performance.

This course is very practical, and participants will take away action plans for implementation the very next day back at work.

By the end of this training course, participants will:
• Understand their role within the HR context strategically
• Understand and measure organisation performance using Business Excellence
• Know the benefits of the Balanced Scorecard Model
• Understand motivation and drivers for performance
• Know and use effective Performance Management Techniques
• Know the benefits and barriers to an effective employee forum

This programme is specifically designed for professional in all areas of operations who seek to manage the process of change and improve the performance of their area of responsibility. It is an opportunity for all professionals to advance their ‘management thinking’ and keep abreast of the most modern concepts in management. It will be of benefit to all Professionals, who are:
Responsible for organizational improvement
Concerned with achieving standards of excellence
Interested in enhancing their management skills

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