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Introduction to the Oil and Gas Industry

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Course Information

Participants will learn about:

Overview of the Oil & Gas Business

Business Risks and Rewards

History of the Earth/Petroleum Geology

Geopolitics of the oil industry

Uses for Oil and Gas

Exploration, Drilling, Completion and Production of Oil and Gas

Refining, Transportation and Marketing of the products


Day 1

Overview of the Oil and Gas Industry

Background and development of the oil and gas industry

New innovative techniques to explore and produce oil and gas

Major challenges and risks in the oil and gas industry

How to effectively analyze and manage these risks

Day 2

Reservoir characteristics

Types of hydrocarbons

Properties of hydrocarbons

Products made from hydrocarbons

By products and Emissions from producing and using hydrocarbons

Carbon Capture and Sequestration

Renewable Energy Vs. Fossil Fuels

Day 3

Drilling Rigs and Equipment

Drilling and Completion Processes

Automation associated with the Processes

Well Completion/intelligent downhole systems

Day 4

Refining Oil and Gas

Transportation of Oil and Gas

Marketing of Oil and Gas

Day 5

Economics of Upstream Business

Economics of Midstream Business

Economic of Downstream Business

Introduction to the Oil and Gas Industry Course

This course introduces the participant to the many phases and technologies involved in the Oil and Gas Industry.  It begins with how and where you find it.  Continues with how you produce, process and transport and market the product.  The course includes the new technologies that are being used by the industry.

This course is intended to develop skills that will enable participants to use their Digital Technology skills to find ways to improve the many different processes involved in the industry.

This course is designed for IT professionals who are interested in using digital technologies to help improve efficiencies in the work required to get the oil and gas products from the reservoir source to the end user.

Continuing Professional Development