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Advanced Oil and Gas Business Management Training

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Day 1
• Introduction to Course and the state of Play of the Global Energy Industry
• International Petroleum Contracts and Taxation

Day 2
• Production Contracts continued
• Negotiation of Contracts in Complex Environment
• Global Oil Market & Prices Formulation

Day 3
• World Economics of Productions
• Project Cash Flow management
• Investment analysis and decision making
• E&P Portfolio Analysis and Management

Day 4
• Project Sensitivity to Field Economics
• Practical Simulation Exercise
• Risk and Uncertainty Management

Day 5
• Decision Making in a Complex Petroleum Business Environment
• Portfolio Presentation

Advanced Oil and Gas Business Management Training Course

This 5-day course provides participants with an overview of the key business aspects of the upstream petroleum business. It explores the key contracting and portfolio management challenges in the 21st century petroleum industry and discusses the important functional management issues facing managers today, including technical, financial, marketing and petroleum accounting.
The course is highly interactive with practical business simulation examples based on portfolio analysis and making difficult business and investment decisions to maximising overall organisational performance by taking into consideration international, national, and local trends and policies, portfolio performance, enterprise resources, as well as environmental and business risks.

By the end of this course delegates will be able to:
• Identify the key oil and gas business process and how the various value chains interact
• Evaluate various contracting and taxation issues in the industry including joint ventures
• Appraisal various portfolios and investments using various economic parameters
• Evaluate the decision-making process in complex oil and gas business environment

Managers, engineers and legal/commercial experts and decision makers requiring deeper understanding of the values chain of the oil and gas industry and the challenges of decision making in complex oil and gas industry environment

Continuing Professional Development