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Leadership Management For Oil and Gas Executives Training

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Module 1: Great Executive’s Leadership Skills

1 The very essence of an executive’s leadership is that he or she should have a vision

2 The executive should articulate this vision clearly and forcefully on every occasion

3 The executive competence in several areas, e.g. oil & gas exploration & production (E&P), upstream and downstream operations, Sales, Marketing, Finance, HR, health & safety, regulatory compliance, risk management, media and presentation skills etc.

4 The executive should have an aerial view of the company and not get bogged down with detail

5 Challenging the status quo and the current process of doing business

6 Finding a process that should be improved the most, reduce costs and increase revenue

7 Inspire others to adopt the improved process and reap the benefits

Inspire a shared vision

8 Inspire and empower others to act and implement this vision and improved process

9 Give your followers the tools and methods to solve the problem

10 Model the way forward:

– When the process gets tough, get your hands dirty.

– A boss tells others what to do should be a leader who shows it can be done

– Encourage the heart to work with the mind

– Share the glory with your followers, keep the pain to minimum

Module 2: Pyramid of Leadership Style and Competencies

1 This competency Model is divided into three main groups:

– Leader’s core competencies

– Higher leader’s competencies

– Top/Professional leader’s competencies

Combining these three groups of competencies into the Pyramid of Leadership – collectively forming the basic requirements for becoming a leader-executive

3 Competencies to be directed toward learning and training others

4 Leadership styles:

– Dictatorial leader

– Natural charisma leader

– Great knowledge leader

– Participating leader

– Delegating leader

5 Exercising the pyramid concept

Module 3: Higher Leader’s Competencies

These are the skills needed to drive the organisation onto the cutting edge of new technologies. Leadership Competencies form the basic structure that separates leaders from bosses. These skills create the walls and interiors of the pyramid. Without them, a leader is just a hollow windbag, or as Scott Adams of Dilbert fame best characterises it, “a pointy-head boss.”

1 Leadership Abilities

  • Displays attributes that make people glad to follow.
  • Provides a feeling of trust.
  • Rallies the troops and builds morale when the going gets tough.

2 Visioning Process

  • Applies effort to increase productiveness in areas needing the most improvement.
  • Creates and set goals (visions).
  • Senses the environment by using personal sway to influence subordinates and peers.
  • Gain commitment by influencing team to set objectives and buy in on the process.
  • Reinforces change by embracing it (prevents relapse into prior state).

3 Create and Lead Teams

  • Develops high-performance teams by establishing a spirit of cooperation and cohesion for achieving goals.
  • Quickly takes teams out of the storming and norming phases and into the performing phase.

4 Assess Situations Quickly and Accurately

  • Takes charge when the situation demands it.
  • Makes the right things happen on time.

Leadership Management For Oil and Gas Executives Training Course

The turmoil, volatility, uncertainty and risks in the oil and gas industry continue to escalate and it is becoming extremely difficult to model the above parameters and make good decisions based on a reasonable amount of certainty.

But good decision making and success is not purely based on risk modelling of uncertainty analysis. What separate leading successful oil and gas companies from other less successful oil and gas companies is the human element, human capital and more specifically, leadership and management skills. If you look at leading successful international companies, they all have one thing in common – advanced, highly effective and humane leadership and management skills.

No matter how good your tools are, if you are not able to pull your team together with you and motivate them to attain greater achievements, at a time when risks and challenges increase, you and your company will lose out.

Your human resources are both the engine oil and blood circulation in your organisation that make it work and breathe. If your engine oil or blood does not function well, your engine and your body would function poorly.

Effective leadership and competent management skills are the essential ingredients to ensure that your company’s operation at all levels runs well with efficiency, quality and productivity. Your decision making and outcomes will improve and could make the difference between loss and profit, between staying in business or going out of business.

  • Understand the responsibilities, personal skills and risks for being an executive of an oil or gas company
  • Understand the mind set and culture needed to be a top executive leader of an oil or gas company
  • The unique aspects and high risks which are particularly relevant to the oil & gas industry

This advanced and highly useful course is aimed at:

  • Oil and gas company Executives at any level
  • Oil and gas company Chief Executive Officer
  • Oil and gas company Chief Financial Officer
  • Oil and gas company Chief Compliance Officer
  • Oil and gas company Chief Auditor
  • Oil and gas company Chief Operations Officer
  • Oil and gas company Chief Engineering Officer
  • Oil and gas company Chief Marketing Officer
  • Oil and gas company Chief Sales Officer
  • Oil and gas company Chief Environmental Officer
  • Oil and gas company Chief Safety Officer
  • Oil and gas company Chief Publicity Officer
  • Oil and gas company Chief Corporate Social Responsibility Officer
  • Oil and gas company Chief Human Resources/Relations Officer
  • Oil and gas company Chief Medical Officer
  • Oil and gas company Chief Welfare Officer
  • Oil and gas company Chief Joint Venture Liaison Officer
  • Oil and gas company Chief Procurement Officer
  • Oil and gas company Chief Legal Officer
  • Oil and gas company Chief Contracts Officer
  • Oil and gas company Chief Quality Officer

You cannot miss this exclusive training course and be left behind because if you do, you could lose a 6-figure amount of money in costly error of judgement and poor decision making. Such significant savings/gains would result from highly successful leadership and management skills that you will learn in this extremely useful program. Most importantly, you will learn how to apply the techniques learnt in a practical and highly effective manner.

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