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Advanced HR: Recruitment, Selection and Interviewing Skills Training

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  • Setting the scene
  • Legal aspects of recruitment
  • The process
  • Selection methods
  • Preparing for interview
  • Talent planning, recruitment and selection policies in the oil and gas industry
  • The recruitment and selection process
  • Equal opportunities
  • Practicing your interviewing and selection skills
  • The importance of effective induction
  • Evaluating candidates and making the right decision for petroleum business
  • Putting it into practice – investigations
  • Final stage
  • Personal Development Plan in the oil and gas industry

Advanced HR: Recruitment, Selection and Interviewing Skills Training Course

Recruiting the best candidates that fits in your petroleum business team is an incredibly important function and yet it can often seem a daunting exercise as the potential consequences of making the wrong decision are huge. This course is therefore designed to help managers in the oil and gas industry to make the right decisions in the recruitment of new staff. The emphasis is on the use of a structured approach where good preparation and effective interviewing techniques ensure that the ‘right’ candidates are taken on by the organisation in accordance with internal policies, best practice and legal considerations.

This course is highly participative, using small team discussion, a quiz and practical exercises including a practice interview session which they will prepare for and conduct on the day with support from the trainer.

This is a skills- and confidence-building programme which will help participants in the oil and gas industry to:

Ø Use a structured, objective and consistent approach to recruitment and selection

Ø Understand how discrimination and other relevant legislation affects this area and appreciate the practical implications for managers

Ø Comprehend your organization’s policies and procedures for recruitment and selection and the need to comply fully with them

Ø Determine appropriate, objective and effective selection criteria

Ø Plan, prepare and conduct an effective selection process – using a range of methods as appropriate – that provides evidence against defined selection criteria

Ø Ensure that candidates are evaluated effectively and that recruitment decisions are objective and documented appropriately

Above all, attending this programme will help participants to make the right recruitment decisions and select the right people for their petroleum business.

All managers with responsibility for recruitment and selection in the oil and gas industry

Continuing Professional Development