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Alternative Dispute Resolution Training

From $5250 per attendee

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Available Courses

  • London

    9 September, 2024 - 13 September, 2024

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  • Dubai

    7 October, 2024 - 11 October, 2024

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  • Houston

    4 November, 2024 - 8 November, 2024

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Course Information

Day 1
Overview of ADR
• ADR Defined
• The benefits of ADR
• The difficulties
• Arbitration: The number one solution?

Day 2
ADR & Negotiation
• The links between ADR and negotiation
• What is an effective negotiation?
• What is the process?

Day 3
• What is mediation?
• The benefits & the barriers
• The mediation processes

Day 4
The Skills of ADR
• Assertiveness & effective communication
• Questioning for results
• Listening Skills
• Beyond listening

Day 5
Conciliation & other ADR methods
• When conciliation is needed
• The benefits & barriers
• The process of effective conciliation
Other ADR Methods and benefits

Alternative Dispute Resolution Training Course

Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) is an alternative method of settling legal disputes between parties outside of court. There are various methods of ADR, however we will cover the three main types: Arbitration, Conciliation and Mediation.

This course will explore all the aspects of these topics in depth, so that participants can be more confident in their work and deliver higher performance as a result.

• Evaluate alternative methods of resolving commercial disputes
• Distinguish between forms of ADR that give a binding decision and others that facilitate agreement between the parties
• Evaluate strategies for resolving conflict
• Prepare their organization to participate in a dispute resolution process
• Plan a negotiation, including considering contingencies in the event of failure
• Apply negotiation techniques to typical commercial disputes
• Use appropriate behavioural styles in negotiation
• Consider the merits of using an intermediary to facilitate a win-win result
• Manage conflict through a negotiated approach
• Achieve mutually satisfactory outcomes in resolving contractual disputes

This programme is specifically designed for professional in all areas of operations who seek to manage the process of change and improve the performance of their area of responsibility. It is an opportunity for all professionals to advance their ‘management thinking’ and keep abreast of the most modern concepts in management. It will be of benefit to all Professionals, who are:
Responsible for organizational improvement
Concerned with achieving standards of excellence Interested

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