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Problem-solving and Decision Making Training

From $5250 per attendee

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Day 1
Developing Critical Thinking
1. The 4 Ways We Learn
2. Your Learning Style
3. Implications & Applications of Learning Styles
4. Establishing The Right Climate
5. Creating The Environment for Success
6. Overview of Creative Approaches
8. Action Planning

Day 2
Decision Making Strategies
1. Strategic Decisions verses Operational
2. The 5 C’s of a Good Decision
3. D.A.D. to D.D.D.
4. Thinking Styles
5. The 6 Key Persuaders
6. Pick A Number Exercise
7. Action Planning

Day 3
1. The Two types of Communication
2. The Levels of Communication
3. The Ways we Communicate
4. Communication Preferences
5. Exercise: Industrial Espionage!
6. Logical Levels
7. Action Planning

Day 4
Problem Solving
1. Aliens Have Landed!
2. Fear and Risk Management
3. Negotiating a Great Outcome
4. The 4 Phases of a Negotiation
5. Your Negotiation Style
6. Exercise: Bangola
7. Exercise: Pommellon
8. Action Planning

Day 5
Managing The Changes
1. 8 Steps to Making the Changes Stick
2. Using Stories
3. Your Emotional Quotient
4. Turning Plans into Reality
5. Appreciative Enquiry
6. Risk It!
7. Action Planning

Problem-solving and Decision Making Training Course

Highly successful organisations are renowned for developing internal climates where innovation and creative solutions thrive. This highly creative, yet practical explores what is involved in establishing such a business environment and will demonstrate to delegates how to develop innovative and creative solutions to real world business problems when they return to their workplace.
The core learning experience centers around a series of practical case study exercises, which will be drawn on to illustrate the key principles involved in critical thinking and innovative problem solving. It will also enable the delegates to test their knowledge and expertise.

• Assess their own thinking and communicating style preferences through a variety of profiling and benchmarking tools
• Understand how to add value through critical thinking and innovative problem solving
• Appreciate the vital importance that communication and active listening have in building a sustainable environment, where great decisions are consistently taken
• Understand, at a detailed level, how to use a wide variety of problem-solving tools effectively
• Develop their ability to think “outside the box”
• Have obtained the necessary skills to make better business decisions
• Recognise the difference between solving problems and finding solutions
• Takeaway a toolkit of creative techniques to enable them to cope with the challenges which lie ahead

This programme is designed for all managers, leaders and professionals who wish to improve the accuracy of their conclusions and decisions
Individuals who desire to develop critical thinking and problem solving as a core competency
Professionals who are looking for a refresher programme on how to analyse problems and develop potential solutions

Continuing Professional Development