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Internal Audit Requirements for Oil and Gas Industry Training

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Available Courses

  • Dubai

    30 September, 2024 - 2 October, 2024

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  • Houston

    21 October, 2024 - 23 October, 2024

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  • London

    18 November, 2024 - 20 November, 2024

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Course Information

Day 1
• Overview and background of ISO 55001
• Asset Management Principles

Day 2
• The Internal Audit Requirements – the PDCA Cycle
• The Roles of the Lead Auditors in the Internal Audit process
• Planning for Internal Audit
• Checklist Development
• Collecting Evidence

Day 3
• Reporting on Non-conformances
• Writing the Audit Report
• Audit Follow-up

Internal Audit Requirements for Oil and Gas Industry Training Course

The ISO 55001 standard specifies the requirements for the establishment, implementation, maintenance and improvement of a management system for asset management, referred to as an “asset management system”. This International standard can be used by any organization. This course aims to introduce the new standard ISO 55001on Asset Management & train them as the internal auditor. It is for Internal Auditor who wants to learn the skill required to perform internal audit for using the framework of the new Asset Management standard ISO 55001.

At the end of this course, participants will be able to:
1-Know and understand asset management terminologies, definitions, and principles
2-Gain “Correct” and “Relevant” understanding of the Asset Management System standard (ISO 55001)
3-Acquire the skills required to perform internal audit for the Asset Management System

This course is specially designed for:
1-Professionals who wish to gain knowledge and understanding of Asset Management
2-Industrial professionals who wish to understand the best practice framework for Asset Management.

Continuing Professional Development