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Business Excellence and System Thinking Training

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Course Information

Day 1
Business Strategy
• What is strategy?
• How to develop winning strategy
• Video: Good Strategy/ Bad Strategy
• Vison/ Mission and Critical Success Factors
• Action Planning

Day 2
Business Excellence
• Introductions
• What do we mean by Business Excellence?
• The Business Excellence Model
• The Business Excellence Questionnaire
• Action Planning

Day 3
System & Design Thinking
• What is System Thinking?
• Modelling Your System
• What is Design Thinking?
• Design Thinking Practice
• Action Planning

Day 4
Managing The Changes Required
• What is Change?
• Why is it so difficult?
• What is the reaction to change?
• The Steps to effective change
• Action Planning

Day 5
How Business Really Works
• What is “Commercial Awareness?
• What do we mean by Profit?
• How can we improve profitability?
• Why is cash-flow so important?
• Action Planning

Business Excellence and System Thinking Training Course

In today’s fast-paced environment, competitiveness and quality are ‘must-haves’ for all organisations. This workshop provides the needed models and structures to develop an organisation effectively through the challenges they face.

To provide an in-depth knowledge of the theoretical and practical aspects of Business Excellence & System Thinking. At the end of the workshop delegates will learn about the many issues involved in delivering excellence to customers.

Senior Managers, Managers, Supervisors.

Continuing Professional Development