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Working at Heights Training

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Course Information

  • Introduction: Tool-Box-Talk, General Rules, Objectives
  • Definition and Safety Issues and organizational culture
  • Safety and Environment Concepts, examples, exercises identifying safety deviations and unsafe conditions.
  • Setting National legislation on safety and health, conceptual basis
  • Accidents and accident rates
  • Work at height, conceptual basis, risk factors, prevention, legislation
  • Scaffoldings Basics Exercises

Working at Heights Training Course

This short course will equip participants on safety guidelines to follow when carrying out work at height in order to control the risks of falls and is suitable for every employee who would be exposed to working at height in the course of their day to day duty.

At the end of this course, participants will be equipped to use the best methods and tested in the execution of work at height. After completing this training course each participant will be able to:

  • objectively define the responsibilities and competencies of a worker located in high places
  • know and use mooring systems and equipment to prevent falls

Employees linked to the processes areas where required basic knowledge of the techniques and rules for working at heights is needed. Workers engaged in the assembly and maintenance of scaffolding, workers involved in the execution of work at height, using scaffolding or platforms, and those exposed to the risks and hazards typical of these activities

Continuing Professional Development