Basic Fire-Fighting

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The aim of this course is to provide the most comprehensive and current techniques so as to effectively fight a fire. Training complies with the NFPA standards worldwide recognized. Theoretical and practical classes involve trainees in the effective way to prevent, recognize and extinguish different types of fires that may occur within Oil and Gas Industry.

  • Provide clear understanding of duties.
  • Ability of the attendee to identify hazards & perform remedy action.
  • Identify & skillfully operate fire protection equipment.
  • Capable to competently respond to mitigate & control emergency cases.
  • Proper use & handling of PPE.
  • Conduct atmospheric gas testing and appropriately don the SCBA

All personnel assigned to a facility where Oil and Gas process is in place

  • Introduction
  • The Theory of Fire
  • Common Ignition Sources
  • The Classification of Fire
  • Types of Extinguishing Agents
  • What is a Portable Fire Extinguisher?
  • Identifying the Proper Fire Extinguisher
  • Using the Fire Extinguisher
  • When not to fight a Fire
  • Inspecting a Fire Extinguisher
  • Fire Prevention
  • Fire Protection
  • R. A. C. E.
  • Closure

Continuing Professional Development