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Incident Investigation Training

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Course Information

  • Defining Terms
  • Example of the randomness of loss outcomes
  • Near-Miss
  • Management Control of Loss
  • Why investigate incidents?
  • Immediate Causes
  • Basic Causes
  • Root Causes
  • Standard Terminology
  • Types of Incidents
  • Incident Reporting
  • Why Report Incidents?
  • The Accident Triangle (F.E. Bird, Jr.)
  • Risk Assessment and Incident Investigation
  • Continuous Improvement Processes
  • The Investigation Hierarchy
  • Incident
  • Case Study # 1: Injury to Employee
  • Kicking off the Investigation
  • The Investigation Team
  • Investigation Process
  • Steps to Conducting an Investigation
  • Energy Flow & Barriers
  • Summary
  • Sequence of Events (Timeline)
  • Preservation of Evidence
  • Interviewing  Techniques
  • Contributing Factors
  • Human Factors
  • Case Study # 2 : Team Exercise
  • Analyzing to Root Cause
  • Key Points About Root  Cause  (fault tree) Analysis
  • Root Cause Analysis:  The How / Why Tree
  • Findings and Conclusions
  • The Incident Report and Recommendations
  • Making Appropriate Recommendations or Corrective Actions
  • Investigations – Things to Avoid
  • Presentations Tips
  • Small Group Exercise
  • Lessons Learned
  • Formal Investigation Report
  • Case Study # 3: Team Exercise

Incident Investigation Training Course

This short course is designed to provide attendees with the appropriate tools to apply technical and logical analysis regarding event Investigation, also to help identify and control the risks associated to the different processes within Oil and Gas Industry. Main objective also covers the administration of means so as to avoid incident occurrence that may affects health and safety of personnel, surrounding environment where operations takes place, company and contractors as well as reputation.

  • Learn the Purpose of Incident Investigation
  • Learn how to set up, manage & participate in an investigation
  • Learn Evidence Preservation Techniques
  • Learn Interviewing Techniques
  • Learn How to Analyze the Causes of Incidents
  • Learn How to Establish Root Cause
  • Learn How to Make Recommendations to Prevent Incident Recurrence
  • Learn How to Write and Present Investigation Reports
  • to review the incident investigation process
  • to provide some practical techniques for use in participating or leading an investigation

Managers, Team Leaders, Superintendents, Area Authority, Performing Authority, Supervisors, Welders, Electricians, HSE Professionals

Continuing Professional Development