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Job Safety Analysis (JSA) Training

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Course Information

  •  Basic definitions
  •  What is risk?
  •  Incidents & Accidents
  •  Reduce likelihood of incidents/accidents
  •  ALARP
  •  Introduction to HSE Risk Management
  •  Risk Assessment (Three Levels of Tools)
  •  Co-ordinating Risk Assessment Roles
  •  Responsibilities (General)
  •  Excersises

Job Safety Analysis (JSA) Training Course

This short course is designed for personnel responsible for managing and performing high risk operations.

At the end of this course, participants will be able to:

Ensure compliance with Country Laws relating to Risk

Meet the corporate policy & requirements (e.g. Target Levels of Safety)

Ensure that operating facility hazards are identified and their potential impact assessed / mitigated

Ensure that all facility changes are assessed from risk / safety perspective

Follow requirements for Risk Management as lifecycle process established by Company HSE MS, Element “Risk Management”;

Describe how to initiate, carry out and complete risk assessment process that is mandatory for all Company operations, facility changes and projects

Provide users with guidance and reference for performing HSE risk assessment task and using different hazards evaluation, risk assessment and management techniques.

Safety Committees, Corporate Managers, Department Managers, First Line Supervisors, Accident Investigation Team Members, Personnel performing high risk operations

Continuing Professional Development