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Behaviour Based Safety (BBS) Training

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Course Information

·         Written Program

·         Affected Facilities

·         Training Program

·         BBS Steering Committee

·         Components Of Our BBS Process

·         Identification Of At-Risk Behaviors And Barrier Removal

·         Program Integration

·         BBS and Integrated Safety Management

·         Program Readiness

·         The Observation Process

·         Trend And Worksite Analysis

·         Action Plan Development

·         Senior Management Support

Behaviour Based Safety (BBS) Training Course

This course is intended to provide supervising personnel with an overview of the concepts of the behavioural based safety process.  This training will aid significantly those personnel who have not used these techniques in their day-to-day duties and responsibilities in the past.  The training is not meant to replace other training required by OSHA

Discuss The Local Safety Policy

Discuss Supervisor Responsibilities

Discuss The Concepts Of Behavior – Based Safety

Introduce 29 CFR 1910, The Industrial Safety Standards

Discuss The OSHA Penalties Policy For Safety Violations

Discuss Methods And Techniques Used To Protect Workers

All Employees, Safety Committees, Corporate & Department Managers, First Line Supervisors, Incident Investigation Team Members

Continuing Professional Development