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H2S Awareness and Breathing Apparatus Training

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Course Information

  • Introduction
  • Properties of Hydrogen Sulfide
  • Hazards of Hydrogen Sulfide
  • Detection and Monitoring
  • Emergency Alarms
  • Personal Protective Equipment
  • Wind Direction Indicators
  • Escape Routes And Procedures
  • Handling of Breathing Apparatus (Theory/Practice)
  • Safety Rules and Procedures
  • Closure

H2S Awareness and Breathing Apparatus Training Course

This training course aims to provide knowledge, skills, and confidence to respond appropriately to a H2S release as well as recognition of an emergency and provide the knowledge for the proper use of emergency equipment and procedures to enhance survival whenever a gas release is in place.


This course complies with National Fire Protection Association 204 and the American Conference of Governmental Industrial Hygienists (ACGIH).

Sources; hazards; properties and characteristics of H2S and SO2; proper use of detection equipment (personal or portable gas monitors); recognizing and responding to alarms; location of muster points; symptoms of exposure and biological effects; rescue techniques and first aid; proper storage, use and maintenance of the respirators; limitations and capabilities of the respirators; practical donning, operational checks, and doffing of the respirators; recognizing and responding to respirator malfunction and emergency situations; and recognizing medical signs that may prevent or limit the user from wearing a respirator.

This short course is intended for all personnel assigned to an Oil & Gas facility where gas may be present.


Continuing Professional Development