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Permit to Work (PTW) Training

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Course Information

  • Introduction to Permit to Work System
  • Objectives of the System
  • Responsibilities of Concerned Delegates
  • Types of Permits
  • Initiation and Distribution
  • Validity of Permit and Work Completion
  • Withdrawal and Cancellation
  • Isolation of Pipelines and Vessels
  • Electrical Isolation
  • Rules and Regulations Related To The System
  • Toolbox Meetings
  • Auditing of the Permit  to Work System
  • Closure

Permit to Work (PTW) Training Course

This short course is intended for all personnel assigned to a facility where Oil and Gas process is in place

To ensure that the working group (personnel) is informed, aware and can more easily understand the risks they face on the job along with the methods to be applied to work in a safe and controlled manner.


•  Prescribe the nature and extent of the work.

•  Establish responsibilities of the assigned personnel within operations.

•  Prescribe the conditions that have to be observed.

•  Provide maximum safety of both personnel and plant, Also a good co-ordination between operations and maintenance work.

Managers, Team Leaders, Superintendents, Area Authority, Performing Authority, Supervisors, Welders, Electricians, HSE Professionals

Continuing Professional Development