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Process Safety (PHA) Training

From $4250 per attendee

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Day 1

Hydroblasting and Pressure Washing

  • Scope and Purpose
  • Benefits
  • Application
  • Safety requirements
  • PPE
  • Applicability and Criteria
  • Roles and Responsibilities

Elevated Work

  • Scope and Purpose
  • General Requirements for Elevated Work
  • Roles & Requirements
  • Prevention/Fall Protection
  • Non-Critical & Critical Elevated Work
  • Life Critical Guards
  • Grating Inspections and Requirements
  • Transportation Equipment Elevated Work

Day 2

Isolation of Energy (Red Tag Management/ Lock out Tag out)

  • Scope and Purpose
  • Energy Sources and Isolating Devices
  • Isolation of energy devices (Option: tailored to client procedures)
  • Lock out / Tag Out (Option: tailored to client procedures)
  • Reconciliation

Day 3

Line and Equipment Opening (LEO)

  • Scope and Purpose
  • Permits (Option: tailored to client procedures)
  • LEO begins and ends
  • An incident (Example and discussion)
  • Root cause
  • Tags used (Option: tailored to client procedures)
  • Clearing Techniques.
  • Best Practices

CSE Confined Space Entry

  • Scope and Purpose
  • Spaces designed for continuous occupancy
  • General Requirements
  • Terms used
  • Roles. (Option: tailored to client procedures)

Day 4

Hot work

  • Scope and Purpose
  • Types of hot work
  • Area Classification
  • Roles (Option: tailored to client procedures)

Day 5

Activity writing SWP (Safe Work Permit)

  • Scope and Purpose.
  • Requirements
  • Delegation of Authority
  • Exempt Process
  • SWP filling out (Option: tailored to client procedures)
  • Issuer input
  • Receiver input
  • Joint input after discussion
  • LEO (Line and Equipment Opening)
  • Hotwork
  • Instructions

Process Safety (PHA) Training Course

  •  Introduce process safety and establish its role in today’s industry
  •  Introduce skills in the recognition of process safety hazards
  •  Introduce skills in the control of process safety hazards
  •  Provide process safety management skills for Supervisors, Engineers, Facility Managers,  etc
  •  Introduce process safety management techniques
  •  Define process safety management

All involved in doing and supervising any maintenance or shut-down work

Continuing Professional Development