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Sustainability Via Process Safety Analysis Including Emotional Intelligence

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Day 1

Introduction to PSM and its origins and goals
• Elements of PSM
o Human error basics
o Overview of PSM Standards
o Understanding Sustainability!

Understanding Sneak Analysis (To maintain absolute Sustainability of the Rotating Equipment)
• Identifying design errors in the process system
• SA works best when applied in conjunction with HAZOP
• “Sneak Flow2 is the unintended transfer of material and energy (watch DVD BP Texas City Disaster)
• Deepwater Horizon (BP)
• Risk Analysis and prevention-

Day 2

The Tools to Complete the Job

Monitoring Tools for Process Safety Management & Ensuring Sustainability is maintained
• FMEA Analysis
• PARETO Analysis 80/20 Rule
• Cause & Effect Charts
• Sustainability Spider Charts.
• BBS Behavior Based Safety
• Benchmarking.

Day 3
Important Methods of Control.

Approach and Control of Hazards – overview and the 5 methods of control to maintain Sustainability measures.
• Eliminate
• Substitution
• Engineering controls
• Administration controls

Day 4

The Way Forward for a Safer and Cleaner Production/Process

PSM – Additional aspects to Ensure Sustainability (A safer and cleaner production/process)
• Hot work permit/safe work/Confined space –watch DVD to explain.
• Safety Audits & Inspection/Emergency planning & Response
• Shutdown/Start-Up Safety Issues
• Contractors
• Process Hazards Analysis
• Mechanical integrity

Day 5
Emotional Intelligence in the Workplace
• Why should I care about Emotional Intelligence at Work?
• The Importance of Emotional Intelligence
• The Types of Emotions
• The Key Skills required to develop upon EI
• Tactics to Manage Emotions

Sustainability Via Process Safety Analysis Including Emotional Intelligence Course

This course will set out clearly the importance of Process Safety Management and the essential ingredient of Sustainability, without this input the refinery-Oil& Gas- Petrochemical – Power Plant- Fertilizer Manufacture and Mining will cease to operate as a cleaner and safer process. We also look at the theory and practice of Emotional Intelligence. The Institute of Sustainability were forced into Administration, a group named BRE – Building Research Establishment funded by the UK government stepped in and bought the key assets.

Sustainability simply means – ensuring we have a better quality of life now and the future, and to provide for a safe workplace, a cleaner and safer production. But without a strong and effective Process Safety Management in place it would not cope alone.

This course should be attended by every employee, From the top to the bottom. It is far too important to leave anyone out!

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