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Commissioning and Start Up Training

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Day 1
Operational Readiness
• What is Operational Readiness?
• Documentation
• Data Management System
• Site Operating Personnel and Site Support
• Transportation and Accommodation
• Maintenance Contracts and IT Operational Support
• Alarm Grouping
• Operating Process and Procedures
• Control Center Operators
• Training
• Regulatory and Other Compliance
• Data Systems
• Equipment Asset Management (EAM) Implementation
• Equipment or Materials
• Special Tools and Equipment
• Commissioning
• Type A/B Deficiency Process
• Trial Period

Day 2
The Commissioning Process: A Step-by-Step Guide
• Step 1 – Planning
• Step 2 – Factory Acceptance Testing
• Step 3 – Mechanical Completion
• Step 4 – Electrical Completion
• Step 5 – Process/System Startup
• Step 6 – Performance Verification
• Step 7 – Operational Readiness
• Project Completion

Day 3
Pre-commissioning of Electrical Systems
• Vendor Site Acceptance Testing (SAT)
• Grounding and Bonding Check
• Cold Loop Checks and Megger Checks
• Pre-Energization Checks
• Hot Loop Checks
• AC Phase Checks
• Transformer Checks
• Protection Relay Testing
• Interlock Verification
• Motor Tests
• AC and DC Hi-Pot Tests
• Battery Discharge Tests
• Balance of Plants Systems or Building Commissioning
The Correct Way to Commission Automation Systems
• Terms in Automation Systems
• Factory Acceptance/Testing at the Site
• The Role of the Commissioning Team
• Startup
• Operational Readiness

Day 4
Project Management of Surface Facilities
• Basic Terms
• Project Execution
• Project Initiation
• Choosing a Project Team
• Selecting an Engineering Company
• AFE and Initial Cost Estimate
• Partners’ Approval
• Procurement
• Monitoring and Reporting Progress and Cost
• Managing Personnel
• Managing Change (MOC)
• Commissioning and Startup
• Project Closeout

Day 5
Safety During Commissioning
• Roles and Responsibilities
• Safety Terminology and Processes
• PSSR- Pre-Startup Safety Review
• Pre-Startup Walkthrough
• Hazard Identification
• Incident Reporting and Investigation

Commissioning and Start Up Training Course

This course covers the Commissioning and Start Up (CSU) procedures and processes used for Surface Facilities. It is focused on the interaction of the CSU team with the rest of the stakeholders in the project as the work is performed.

This course provides training that the attendee can use on the job to improve his performance when working on a project either as part of or alongside of the CSU team members.
Participants will learn about:
• Operational Readiness
• The Commissioning Process
• Pre-commissioning of Electrical Systems
• The Correct Way to Commission Automation Systems
• Project Management of Surface Facilities
• Safety During Commissioning

Project/Process Managers, Owners/Owner’s Representative, Contractor/Construction Managers, Subcontractors and Installers, Manufacturers and Suppliers, HSE managers and anyone involved in surface facilities daily.

Continuing Professional Development