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Diagnostic Skills and Advanced Vibration Mitigation Actions

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Day 1
CBT – Introduction To Vibration ( 3D Simulation Video)
Measuring Vibration
Vibration Analysis
Complex Vibration
Vibration Severity & Severity Charts
Velocity RMS
Shock Pulses & High Frequency Detection Systems
Vibration Transducers & Measurement

This discussion will be followed by Self-Assessment Questions based on the Video

Metallurgical Failure Analysis
Vibration Analysis
Basics of Machinery Failure

Overview of machinery Diagnosis & Failure Analysis

Day 2
Shaft Alignment Methods

Shaft Alignment

Multi-Media Programme for Shaft Alignment
Alignment Methods
Worked Examples
Self-Assessment Questions

Day 3
Overview of Conditioning Based Monitoring (CBM)

Analysis and reliability improvement
Redesign opportunities
Analyzing wear failures
Bearing in distress
Rolling element bearing
Gear failure analysis
Coupling failure avoidance
Determining the cause of mechanical seal distress

Day 4
Vibration Analysis in Action (Mobius CD Overview)

Basic Vibration Analysis (Mobius)
Vibration Frequency Analysis (+Mobius)
The Vibration Spectrum (+Mobius)
The Troubleshooting Process(+Mobius)
Basic Dynamic Balancing (+ Mobius)
A management overviews.
Structured Problem Solving
Situation analysis
Cause & Effect analysis (Fish bone chart Analysis)
Decision making.

RCFA Principles (Root Cause Failure Analysis)

Root Cause Failure Analysis
Failure Mode & Effect Analysis
Fault Finding & Location
Case Studies.

Day 5
Vibration Mitigation Methods for Reciprocating Compressor system.

Compressor Frame Vibration.
Understanding vibration caused by Pulsation -induced forces.
Traditional way of Mitigating the vibration cycle stress levels to avoid fatigue failure of parts of the reciprocating compressor.
Understanding how CLD (constrained layer damping) will dampen and help to decrease the vibration and cyclic stress amplitude.
Observing the API 618 indicating three design approaches for pulsation and vibration control for reciprocating compressors and connected piping systems.
Case Study Overview: discuss a severe vibration problem and its solution via a modal analysis.

Diagnostic Skills and Advanced Vibration Mitigation Actions Course

It is no secret that Reciprocating compressors generate vibrations caused by pulsation induced force mechanical (unbalanced). Compressor frame vibration. Vibration measured at the frame results principally from the response of the mechanical systems to the forces and movements that are occurring in the machine at the normal running conditions. There are a number of factors which will be explained, such as Gas Load Force, Inertial Load Force, Reciprocating & Rotating masses unbalanced forces and Gas Unbalance Forces.

Objectives of this course is to present a systematic approach to Vibration Analysis- Fault Diagnosis and Failure Prevention in a broad range of machinery especially with Reciprocating Compressors used in the process industry. This is a very interactive type course, with many Case and Group studies and Self-Assessment Questions based on the CBT Videos for Vibration and Condition Based Monitoring.
We shall be looking at ways to decrease vibration in piping with Reciprocating compressor systems. We shall also be discussing the use of mitigation methods with regards to Vibration.

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