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Maintenance of Centrifugal Pumps

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  • London

    17 June, 2024 - 21 June, 2024

  • Houston

    15 July, 2024 - 19 July, 2024

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  • Dubai

    30 September, 2024 - 4 October, 2024

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Course Information

Day 1

Pumps Principle of Operation & Maintenance.
Pump Characteristics Curves & Specific Speeds.
Pump 3D Simulation Video.
Self- Assessment Questions based on Video

Day 2

Pump -Self Priming Videos in 3 Parts.
Pump Cavitation Video in a Centrifugal Pump.
Understanding Vibration and how use Mitigation Techniques.
Most likely failure modes.

Day 3

Pump major Components & Maintenance.
Mechanical Seals- Maintenance & Troubleshooting.
Dry Gas Seals – Maintenance & Troubleshooting.
3D Simulation Video for the above seals.
Self- Assessment Questions for the above video.

Day 4

Pump major Components & Maintenance.
Bearing Types & Failure Modes- Video of SKF Bearings.
Overview of major bearings-Journal & Thrust.
Failure patterns for roller bearings.
Self- Assessment Questions.

Day 5

Troubleshooting Centrifugal Pumps
Using RCM Tools (5 most used tools)
Alignment Techniques- coupled with video.
Cause & Effect Charts-example with Centrifugal Pumps.
Understanding Pareto Analysis “ 80/20 Rule”
Understanding the benefits Condition Based Monitoring (CBM)

Maintenance of Centrifugal Pumps Course

This course will provide an in-depth learning for Centrifugal pumps. Alongside the very comprehensive notes in the manual which will be supported by extensive deck of power-Point Presentations and a simulation video of Centrifugal pump including the major components, such as Mechanical and Dry Gas Seals, Bearings. The importance of Condition Based Maintenance will also be discussed in length and again using a simulation video. Each of these subjects will be concluded by a number Self-Assessment Questions.

To provide an in-depth knowledge of the essential operation and maintenance activities for Centrifugal Pumps. How to read and understand pump curves. A clear understanding to the Purpose, Use and Care of Centrifugal Pumps. It will give the participants a deeper knowledge of the equipment and the factors that affect its operation and also the essential and effective techniques for maintenance.

The training is for Operators, Maintenance/Maintainers Technicians and Engineers of Centrifugal pumps why they are used, how they work, what causes them to go wrong and what is necessary to keep them operating properly.

Continuing Professional Development