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Drilling Engineering 30 Days Program

From $7500 per attendee

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Course Information

• Introduction to Petroleum Engineering
o Types and properties of hydrocarbons
o Petroleum Geology
o Reservoir characteristics
o Exploration techniques

• Drilling Technology
o Formation pressures
o Fracture gradient determination
o Hole geometry selection
o Casing and bit selection
o Drilling fluids selection
o Casing design
o Cementing design and execution
o Drill string design
o Rig sizing and selection
o Rig site preparation
o Drilling hydraulics
o Stuck pipe causes and prevention
o Fishing
o AFE preparation

• Well Completion and Intervention
o Well completion types
o Risk management
o Well problem analysis
o Cement bond logs
o Perforating
o Sand management
o Cement job remediation
o Matrix acidizing
o Hydraulic fracturing

• Well Control Equipment and Practices
• Petroleum Project Management

Drilling Engineering 30 Days Program Course

This course is designed to give attendees the knowledge required to be a valuable member of a drilling engineering team. The course will cover the many operations involved in drilling, completing and performing interventions on oil and gas wells.

To provide theoretical and practical solutions to the many objectives involved in drilling and completing wells. The course includes hands on problem solving to reinforce the mathematics and physics involved in well construction and operations.

Drilling, completion, workover and production engineers and managers. Reservoir and geology
engineers, field maintenance supervisors and operators. Service companies and equipment
manufacturing engineers. Safety engineers and personnel selected by their companies for attending special training courses.