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Drilling Rig Inspection, Sizing and Selection Training

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Participants will learn about:
• Rig inspection objectives and categories
• Rigs used for land drilling and work over operations
• Basic rig systems:
• Power system
• Hoisting system
• Rotary system
• Fluid circulating system
• Solids control equipment
• BOPs & well control equipment
• Rig instrumentation
• Using testing procedures and check lists for Inspections
• Drill string inspection
• The main string components and the field procedures for non-destructive tests
• Rig sizing calculations and selection procedures

Day 1
Introduction to Rig Inspection, Rig Sizing and Rig Selection
• Course objectives
• Basic concepts and definitions on Rig Inspection
• Standards used in Rig Inspection
• Inspection criteria
Types of Drilling and Work Over Rigs

Day 2
The Basic Rig Systems – Description & Specifications
• Power System
• Hoisting System
• Rotary System
• Fluid Circulating System
• Solids Control Equipment
• BOP and Well Control Equipment
• Rig Instrumentation
Guidelines for Rig Inspection and Acceptance Test

Day 3
Rig Inspection and Acceptance Tests
Drilling Equipment
• Hoisting Equipment
• Drill Floor Equipment
• Pipe Handling Equipment

Mud System
• Mud Pumps
• Mud Mixing Equipment
• Centrifugal Pumps
• Solids Control Equipment

Well Control Equipment
• Rams Preventers
• Annular Preventers
• Choke and Kill Manifold
• Poor Boy Degasser
• BOP Control Unit (Accumulator)
• BOP Handling Equipment
• Diverter System

Day 4
Power System (Diesel / Electric Rig)
• Diesel Engines
• Main Generators
• SCR System
• AC/DC Motors
• Lighting Systems
• Safety and Environment Inspection
• Fire Fighting Equipment
• Gas Detection Equipment
• Lifting and Load Handling Equipment
• Housekeeping
• First Aid

Day 5
Drill String Inspection
Drill String Components – Description & Specifications
• Drill Pipe Marking System
• Drill String Operation
• Drill String Failures
Inspection Methods – NDT
• Dimensional Inspection
• Visual Inspection
• Magnetic Particles
• Electro Magnetic Inspection
• Ultra-Sonic Inspection

Rig Sizing and Rig Selection
• Minimum Land Rig Requirements
• Main factors for Rig Comparison
o Derrick Load Capacity Calculations
o Block Line Calculations
o Drilling Work Line Calculations
o Rig Power Requirement Calculations
o Well Control Equipment Requirements
o Solid Control Equipment Requirements
o Drill String Handling Capacity
o Storage Capacity
o Accommodations & Living Facilities
o Rig Management System
o Rig Inventory

Drilling Rig Inspection, Sizing and Selection Training Course

The course starts with a detailed description and specification of main rig systems and equipment used for drilling and work over operations and continues with the discussion of specific procedures and check lists implemented for conducting rig equipment inspection. Finalizing with a methodology used for rig sizing and selection.

This course is intended to develop skills to conduct Inspection and Acceptance Tests on drilling and work over rigs based on API, ANSI, ISO and IADC standards through the application of check lists and procedures to verify the working conditions and readiness of major rig systems and equipment.

This course is designed for Drilling Supervisors, Drilling Engineers, Drilling Team Leaders, Rig Managers, Tool Pushers, Drillers, Service Companies Specialists and Management personnel who will benefit from learning about the practical aspects of rig inspection, sizing and selection procedures.

Continuing Professional Development