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Drilling Optimization Training

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Day 1

•    Define Concept
•    Compare to other goals and objectives of well drilling and construction
•    Overview of various areas where we have control over the well construction process
•    Overview of various areas where we do not have control
•    Overview of statistical analysis
•    Theory of risk, elements, control methods, measurement or evaluation of risk

Day 2

•    Identification of Key Performance Indicators (KPI)
•    Common KPI
•    Benchmarking
•    Technical limits and quantum change in limits

Day 3

•    Real time management of well construction performance
•    Typical drilling plan prior to optimization
•    Discussion of this typical drilling plan
•    Optimization Elements

Day 4

•    Optimization Elements
•    Software tools
•    Task analysis

Day 5

•    Workshop using real data provided by client and (fictional) well proposal

Drilling Optimization Training Course

This course is intended to train senior engineers in the identification, application and implementation of drilling optimization techniques. The intent is that participants in this class should satisfy some of the requirements for Well Engineering, Drilling Fluid Engineering and Well Construction Engineering.

This course serves as an introduction to Drilling Managers and Superintendents, Drilling Engineers as well Intervention, Completion and Production Engineers, Reservoir and Geology Engineers, Field Maintenance Supervisors and Operators, Service Companies and Equipment Manufacturing Engineers. Safety Engineers and Personnel selected by their companies for attending special training courses.

Continuing Professional Development