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Drilling in a High Pressure High Temperature Environment Training

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Course Information

·         Composition and properties of drilling fluids

·         Kick composition and properties

·         Gas solubility in drilling fluids

·         Gas behaviour in the wellbore

·         Kick detection and associated equipment

·         Bubble point pressures of kicks

·         Well control methods

·         Kicks while off bottom

·         Rig equipment

·         Jack-ups and permanent completions in gas condensate reservoirs

·         Temperature effects on well control equipment

·         Surface equipment problems

·         Planning high pressure high temperature wells

·         Case histories

·         Recommendations and codes of practice for the drilling and testing of high pressure offshore wells

·         Worst case scenario

·         Well control flowcharts

Candidates will be required to perform selected exercises on High Pressure/High Temperature Simulator.

Candidates will also complete a practical and written assessment at the end of the course.

Drilling in a High Pressure High Temperature Environment Training Course

To provide a comprehensive study of how to deal with drilling high pressure, high temperature wells.

This short course is comprehensive and detailed intended for all personnel involved in or associated with drilling deep hot wells

Continuing Professional Development