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Stuck Pipe Causes, Prevention and Remediation Training

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Course Information

·         Team building

·         Communication

·         The problem of stuck pipe

·         General stuck pipe prevention

·         Bottom hole assemblies

·         Tripping

·         Drilling

·         Warning signs of stuck pipe

·         Hole cleaning procedures

·         Mud properties

·         The causes of stuck pipe

·         Predicting stuck pipe

·         Wellbore stability

·         Freeing stuck pipe and logging tools

·         Field Studies

·         Economics of stuck pipe

Day 1

Causes of stuck pipe. Warning signs of sticking. Rig measures to free stuck pipe.

Day 2

Field study examining stuck pipe incidents. Economic methods to avoid and/or free stuck pipe.

Day 3

Fishing operations for drillstring and wireline.  Fishing economics.

Day 4

Hole cleaning techniques. Tripping and backreaming.


Stuck Pipe Causes, Prevention and Remediation Training Course

Stuck pipe is one of the most expensive problems (NPT) that can occur during a drilling operation.  Prevention of stuck pipe is far more economical than even the best freeing procedures. When prevention fails, a drilling professional should be able to select the most efficient remediation. Understanding and anticipating drilling problems, their causes, and planning solutions are essential.

To illustrate the extent of stuck pipe problems and to equip all members of the Drilling Team with the skills and knowledge to recognise the signs of a potential Stuck Pipe situation.  To identify and specify actions to be taken by the drilling team to avoid this costly and time-consuming problem.  To develop a team approach to prevention and resolution of stuck pipe problems.

This course is designed for comprehensive coverage of stuck pipe problems and resolutions.  Anyone with an interest in the subject should attend.

Continuing Professional Development