Drilling Supervisor

Course Description

The ever-growing E&P industry has identified the requirement for experienced and competent drilling teams. Training is the only road to develop and bring about a new generation of qualified drilling teams to meet the needs of emerging developments.  This course will provide the drilling Supervisor with advanced skills and knowledge needed to be competent and confident in carrying out his duties, efficiently and thus provide the basis for operation optimization. 



Continuing Professional Development




Course Content

Day 1


Overview of Drilling for Oil and Gas


•    Drilling Supervision Methodology
•    Geology
    Structure of the Earth
    Rock and Rock Cycle
    Main Types of Rocks
    Geological Factors that affect drillability
•    Understanding the Reservoir
    Types
    Traps
    Geometry and Quality
    Seismic Acquisition
    Reservoir and Fluid Properties
    Reservoir Driven Mechanism - Reservoir Recovery Methods
•    Exploration Appraisal and Development Drilling 


Operations Organization
    Drilling and Completion Operation Sequences
    Front End Engineering Loading (FEL) Process 


Day 2


Drilling Organization and Communications
Risk Analysis and Risk Management  
Project Management
Drilling Optimization 


Day 3


The Rig 
•    Components
•    Rig Inspection
•    Rig Maintenance
Drilling Assemblies 
•    Drilling String
•    Downhole Tools
•    Bits

•    Open Hole Measurements
•    Cased Hole Measurements
•    Tool Positioning
•    Bore Hole Fluids
•    Use of Logging interpretation
•    Logs Principles

Day 4


Drilling Fluids
•    Basic fluids
•    Solids Control Equipment
•    Circulating System


Stuck Pipe
•    Causes
•    Prevention 


•    Planning a Fishing Job
•    Communication on a Fishing Job
•    Requirement and Considerations for a Successful Fishing Job
•    Rules on a Fishing Job
•    Parting the Pipe String
•    Catch Tools
•    Washover Operations
•    Typical Fishing BHA


Casing Design
•    Objectives
•    Definition
•    Types of Casing
•    Design Criteria


•    Chemistry
•    Additives
•    Rheology
    Turbulent flow
    Plug flow
•    Primary placement
•    Cement
    Spacers and washes
•    Drilling practices
•    Cement evaluation
    Perforating
    Cement squeezing
•    Cement plugs
•    Casing jewelry 
•    Cement Bond Logs 
Day 5


Formation Integrity
•    Pore Pressures
•    Pressure Gradients
•    Leakoff Test


Well Control

•    Well Barriers
•    Risk Assessment
•    Kick Detection
•    Kick Prevention
•    Killing Procedures
•    Well Control Equipment and Maintenance 

Completion Management
•    Completion Design Considerations
•    Continuous Improvement and Completions
•    Completion Options for Unconsolidated Formation
•    Completion Fluids
•    Completion Options
•    Cased Hole Completions
•    Completions accessories



Intended For


Drilling, production, completion and Intervention Supervisors and field maintenance supervisors and operators, Safety engineers and personnel selected by their companies for attending special training courses.




5 Days/10 Days/20 Days





London, United Kingdom



19-23 February 2018


Dubai, United Arab Emirates



22-26 April 2018



Houston, Texas, United States



11-15 June 2018