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Introduction To Process Instrumentation Training

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Course Information

Day 1

Introductions and Course Planning
• Introductions
• Present and discuss course outline.
• Course timings, Meal and refreshment breaks.
• Daily Safety Topic relating to Process Instrumentation.

Tubing and Fittings

• The Tube Fitting
• Tubing specification and selection
• Installation of tubing and fittings
• Tube benders
• Tube cutter, de-burring tool
• Gap gauges and inspection techniques

Instrument Drawings and Symbols

• Orthographic, isometric and exploded view drawings
• Layout drawings
• Single-line drawings
• Schematic and interconnection drawings
• Logic diagrams
• Cause and effect diagrams
• Cable schedules
• Process flow, (PFD) and Pipe identification, (PID) drawings
• Loop, (ILD) drawings
• Hazardous area, (HAD) drawings

Oral Question and Answer session to gauge learning

Day 2

Daily Safety Topic relating to Process Instrumentation

Flow Measurement

• Introduction to flow measurement
• Methods Of Flow Measurement
• Orifice Plate Tappings
• Venturi Tube
• Other Pressure-Based Flow meters
• Rotameter (Variable Area Meter)
• Velocity-Based Flow meters
• Metering
• Densitometers
• Calibration
• Test Equipment and Meter Proving
• Orifice Plate Installation
• Flow meter Strengths and Limitation

Level Measurement

• Introduction of level measurement
• Methods of liquid level measurement
• Hydrostatic Method of Level Measurement
• Displacer Type Level Measurement
• Bubbler Type Level Measurement
• Nuclear Radiation Instruments
• Capacitance Level Measurement
• Radar Level Measurement
• Ultrasonic level measurement
• Switches
• Magnetostrictive level gauges
• Safe isolations

Pressure measurement

• Pressure measurement explained
• Pressure gauges
• Manometers
• Regulators
• Pressure switches
• Pressure transmitter
• Smart transmitter
• Instrument isolations

Oral Question and Answer session to gauge learning

Day 3

Daily Safety Topic relating to Process Instrumentation

Temperature Measurement

• Introduction
• What is Temperature?
• Conduction, Radiation, and Convection
• Temperature Scales
• History of the three most common scales.
• Types of Temperature measurement
• Expansion type – Liquid-in-glass Thermometers.
• Expansion type – Filled System Thermometers
• Expansion type – Bi-Metallic Indicators.
• Temperature Switches
• Electrical type – Thermocouples
• Thermocouple Installation
• Thermocouple and Transmitter Assemblies
• Resistance Temperature Detectors, (RTD)
• Thermistors
• Thermowells

Test Equipment, types of error and Standards used

• Introduction to Test Equipment
• Calibration and Documentation
• Standard Test Gauges
• Comparator
• Druck Pressure Calibrator
• Dead Weight Tester
• Analysing a Circuit
• Decade Box
• Millivolt Source
• Milliamp Source
• Temperature Bath
• HART Smart Calibrator
• Documenting Process Calibrator
• Prove Dead Equipment
• Test Equipment Permit to Work Requirements

Oral Question and Answer session to gauge learning

Day 4

Daily Safety Topic relating to Process Instrumentation

Process Control Theory

• Introduction
• What is a control loop
• Open loop, advantage & disadvantage
• Closed loop Control system
• Different control Modes
• Proportional control
• Integral Action
• Derivative Action
• Combination of P+I+D Actions
• cascade Control
• Disturbance feed forward
• Ratio Control
• Split range Control

Hazardous Areas

• Introduction
• Fire Triangle
• Properties of Hazardous Products
• Area Classification
• Standards
• Equipment Construction and Protection
• Fixing Holes, Fastenings & Covers
• Cable Glands & Cable Entries
• Type of Protection ‘e’ Increased Safety
• Non Incentive EExn
• Encapsulation Protection EExm
• Oil Immersed Apparatus EExO
• Circuit Protection
• Pressurised Apparatus EExp
• Powder Filled Apparatus EExq
• Intrinsic Safety EExi
• Test Equipment
• Typical Labelling
• Portable Equipment in Hazardous Areas

Oral Question and Answer session to gauge learning

Day 5

Daily Safety Topic relating to Process Instrumentation

Control Valves

• Valves
• Actuators
• Control valve accessories
• Terminology and definitions

Fire and Gas Measurement

• Introduction Fire & Gas Detection
• Fire Detectors
• Heat Detectors
• Smoke Detectors
• Manual Alarm Call Points
• Gas Detectors
• Fire & Gas Panel

Introduction To Process Instrumentation Training Course

This comprehensive 5 day Course is designed to provide the required underpinning knowledge of the Instrumentation utilised on a Modern Process Plant. It is classroom based unit covering the aspects of instrumentation used for measurement and control. Operating principles, applications, terminology and failure modes associated with a variety of different process systems are covered. Fire and Gas protections systems are explained. Terminology and drawings are also covered to ensure a full level of understanding.

To provide an in-depth knowledge of the theoretical and practical aspects of modern process instrumentation used for measurement, control and protection systems applicable to process facilities. Following completion of this course delegate will possess a clear understanding of the systems used and methods utilised. From this information effective and safe planning and execution of Process Instrumentation will be possible.

This course is a comprehensive course intended for anyone involved in or responsible for Planning, Supervising, Inspection and execution of Process Instrumentation relating to office, on site or workshop activities.

Continuing Professional Development