Development Geology

Course Description

This course will teach the participants how to develop oil and gas reservoirs and fields in order to recover the maximum volume of oil and gas reserves with a minimum investment of time and capital resources.  Both the carbonate and siliciclastic reservoirs are covered as well as the basic elements of a reservoir characterization study which includes elements of petroleum geology, geophysics, petrophysics Geochemistry and Geostatistics.

Development geology does not stop at the end of the initial development phase, many reservoirs are redeveloped as technology advances. In the recent past, horizontal drilling, 3D and 4D seismic WAZ seismic have been used to rejuvenate or redevelop fields and capture additional reserves by detecting untested fault blocks and un-drained areas in developed reservoirs.

Participants learn, through hands-on exercises, to compile a development plan for a field that emphasizes optimal recovery. Emphasis is placed on the selection of rock, log and test data to distinguish reservoir and non-reservoir rocks, and to determine the lower limit of pay.


Who Should Attend

Development Geologists, Development Geophysicists, Reservoir Engineers, Drilling Engineers Petrophysicists; log analysts; Drilling Engineers, Data Managers and Geo-technicians and any other persons involved in the appraisal and development of oil & gas reservoirs.


Introduction to Petroleum Geology



Continuing Professional Development




Course Content

Carbonate Reservoir Geology

Siliciclastic reservoir geology

Naturally fractured reservoirs

Basic elements of a reservoir characterization study

Geostatistics in Reservoir Characterization

Geologic and Reservoir-Engineering Issues

Predicting rock properties

Estimating permeability from well log data

Reservoir Management

Seismic attributes for development geology

Reservoir Geophysics (4D, WAZ)

Reservoir Model (Static, Petrel™)

Reservoir Model (Dynamic, Eclipse™)

Field Development Plan (FDP)

Reservoir Analogues

Case Histories


5 days




London, United Kingdom



14-18 August 2017



Dubai, United Arab Emirates



8-12 October 2017



Houston, Texas, United States



13-17 November 2017