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Pipe Recovery, Fishing and Perforating Operations Training

From $5250 per attendee

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Available Courses

  • London

    9 September, 2024 - 13 September, 2024

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  • Houston

    21 October, 2024 - 25 October, 2024

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  • Dubai

    11 November, 2024 - 15 November, 2024

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Course Information

Day 1

  • Introduction to Pipe Recovery
  • Stuck Pipe Mechanisms
  • Initial recovery efforts
  • Fishing tools selections for CH and OH conditions

Day 2

  • Review Summary Day 1
  • Free point determination
  • Pipe recovery above free point
  • Backing off pipe
  • Chemical & Jet cutters
  • Mechanical pipe cutters

Day 3 

  • Review Summary Day 2
  • Introduction to Perforating – historical insight
  • Perforating History & Physics
  • Charge Design, performance & Type of Charges
  • API Certifications
  • Explosives & Gun Systems and components

Day 4 

  • Review Summary Day 3
  • Through Tubing Guns & Casing Guns
  • DP, BH Charges applications
  • Oriented perforating
  • Perforating for Fracture
  • Productivity & Skin
  • Perforating for Productivity

Day 5 

  • Review Summary Day 4
  • Wireline perforating: Special Detonators and Switches
  • Tubing conveyed perforating: Firing Heads, Special Applications and Permanent Completions perforating
  • Coiled tubing conveyed perforating and special Firing Heads
  • Slick Line Perforating
  • Perforating job safety, Off Depth Perforating
  • Perforating Design using a demo perforating software
  • Course Review and Summary

Pipe Recovery, Fishing and Perforating Operations Training Course

The aim of this short course is to provide participants with knowledge about fishing and perforating operations including the tools, equipment and procedures involved.  It will include causes of stuck pipe, and how to avoid them. It will also highlight the importance of the free point determination and a good subsequent operation to back off or cut the pipe to recover the maximum amount of pipe and the type of cutters used in the industry.   On the perforating side, participants will be able to learn about charge design, types and selection and will have a good understanding of the API charge certification especially for section I and section II. The type of explosives used in the industry, their main differences and how they are used will also be considered. Participants will also learn about gun systems and components used for wireline operations using through tubing guns and casing guns, different type of charges and their main applications in the industry. Special perforating applications such as perforating for fractures and perforating for productivity will also be considered. Participants will also learn about TCP perforating for normal and special applications in permanent completions and perforating with special deployment equipment such as CTU and SL. Perforating job safety analysis and the off depth perforating importance will also be considered and lastly finalizing with a perforating job design using a demo software.

This course has been designed with the needs of the industry in mind with a focus on the difficult problems encountered while drilling and completing oil and gas wells on a day to day basis. After completing this course, participants will be equipped to deal with problems on the field and in the office. In addition, the course participants will be familiar with the tools, equipment and procedures involved in pipe recovery, fishing and perforating operations. They will also have a good understanding of the operation and selection of tools, guns to be used, charge selection, and explosives applications in wells.  Participants will also have had the opportunity to design a perforating job and plan for the necessary operations from the beginning to the end using a demo perforating software.

Well Drilling and Completions are one of the most important operations during the life of a well taking into consideration the time and money expended to get a well ready for production. This is a five-day training course designed for:

  • Drilling engineers and technicians,
  • Completion and production engineers,
  • Petroleum and Reservoir engineers,
  • Supervisors,
  • Tool pushers,
  • Drillers,
  • Managers,
  • Other operating personnel and managers

Continuing Professional Development