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Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) Technology

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Course Information

Day 1

Introduction to LNG

Natural Gas composition, Properties and Uses

Natural gas transportation systems

Properties of LNG

World LNG demand/supply

LNG in Gas distribution value chain

Pipeline vs LNG Analysis

Day 2

Gas purification:

Removal of Solids/Liquids; Removal of acid gases

Gas Dehydration and Fractionation

Gas Compression

Day 3

Natural Gas Liquefaction Processes:

Types of LNG Plants

Classical Cascade and Modified Cascade (Mixed Refrigerant)

Pre-cooled MR (C3-MR)

Day 4

LNG Storage, Shipping, Regasification and Distribution

Loading and Offloading operations

Analysis of Linepack,

Safety of LNG installations,

Equipment Selections

Day 5

Support Facilities:

Utilities (Power system, Cooling system and Air system)

Offsites facilities: Loading and Unloading processes, Jetty operations.

Project management of LNG Plant

Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) Technology Course

This course is designed for technical, non-technical and operations personnel working in natural gas processing and utilisation companies that require an appreciation of the complex nature of natural gas conversion to liquid. Participants will understand the processes of purification of Natural Gas before it is received at the LNG facilities. They will also understand the various processes involved in the changing of natural gas from gaseous phase to liquid phase. Finally, they will understand how the LNG is maintained in liquid phase until it reaches its destination and the rationale behind this technique.

Understand the Natural Gas and LNG value chain. Understand various Gas Purification processes, Understand Gas Compression and Liquid recovery. Understand LNG processes, transportation, and regasification. Understand safety and equipment selection in LNG operations and installations. Perform the economic analysis of LNG plant.

Technical, non-technical and operations personnel involve in the Natural Gas Industry.

Professionals in other areas of Gas Development who wish to gain a detailed insight into Gas Industry operations.

Managers and Supervisors who require a better insight into the technology of the Facilities they manage.

Continuing Professional Development