Wellsite Operations Management

Who Should Attend

This is a 5-day training course for drilling and completion engineers, supervisors, wellsite managers, service company supervisors, supply company managers, logistics personnel, operations personnel and information technology personnel.


Course Objectives

Learn how to reduce the time/cost of wellsite operations without compromising safety.  Receive hands on training with computer software designed to capture and analyze wellsite data.  Learn how to use proper leadership, communication and experience along with data analysis to predict and solve wellsite problems.  Learn how to build a database of “company knowledge”.



Continuing Professional Development




Course Content

  • Communication Skills – verbal and non-verbal, listening, conflict resolution.
  • Leadership skills -Identification of operations team members, following a chain of command.
  • Daily operation planning to set goals and avoid problems.
  • Wellsite operations planning and design.
  • Wellsite operations data acquisition.
  • Analyzing data to change it into information.
  • How to combine experience with information to create knowledge.
  • How to capture and share knowledge using a “Company Knowledge Bank”.
  • Using a “Company Knowledge Bank” to predict and solve problems.

Day 1

Project Management

  • Wellsite management principles
  • What causes failure to perform operations
  • How knowledge management systems work
  • Drilling & Completion procedures
  • Daily reporting and planning
  • Daily operations management
  • Managing time & cost of operations


Day 2

Communications/Leadership, Well Design & Planning

  • How communication affects operation success
  • How to manage conflict
  • Importance of leadership
  • Breaking down the well plan


Day 3

Using modern software systems for well planning, monitoring and communication


Day 4

Practicing the use of software to improve performance and record lessons learned in knowledge management system.


Day 5

Equipment inspection, HSE

  • When and where to inspect equipment
  • Proper equipment record keeping
  • Job Safety Analysis


Intended For

Anyone involved in wellsite operations that would benefit from using modern data acquisition and processing software to improve their company’s performance on the wellsite and/or communication between the wellsite and the office.



Designed as a five-day course, but could be “customized” for an in-house setting.







Houston, Texas, United States



23-27 April 2018


London, United Kingdom



18-22 June 2018


Dubai, United Arab Emirates



23-27 September 2018





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