Agile Project Management for the Oil and Gas Industry

Course Description

This course integrates the Agile Project Management methodology to the Oil & Gas industry. Learners (project managers, sponsors, project engineers and the project team) will have the opportunity to discover how to implement agile project practices and apply sprints, product backlogs, histories, scrum meetings to a typical project in this industry area. Fast delivery, better communication & collaboration, cost management improvement and superior deliverables are typical results of using this methodology.


Who Should Attend

This course is intended for traditional project managers, project engineers, project sponsors, and project stakeholders with general project experience. 



Course Objectives

The objectives of this course are:

  • Identify the differences between an agile project and the way we are managing our projects today
  • Explain the Agile Framework, tools & techniques
  • Explain how to build an agile project
  • Evaluates the Agile project planning process
  • Determine how to deliver an Agile Project.
  • Evaluates the track and oversight of the agile scenario
  • Analyse the project closure process



Continuing Professional Development




Course Content

Day 1Agile Project Management Overview (Starting a Project)


Overview of the Agile Project Management      

The Agile Project Cycle

Agile Roles & Responsibilities


Group Exercise: Building a Road Map, Iteration & Release Plan (we will use a simple O&G project as an example).


Communication, engagement, collaboration and participation - preparing the communication tools & techniques    


Group Exercise: Building and using scrum meetings and communication radiators


Summary and Wrap up



Day 2: Project Planning & Execution


Building, controlling and reviewing sprints

Tracking costs, sprints & tasks

Using story boards, story maps, burn up and burn down charts.


Group Exercise: Building, using and interpreting story boards, story maps, burn up and burn down charts.


Summary and Wrap up



Day 3: Closing a Project


The agile project closing

Lessons learned & continues improvement


Group Exercise: Analyze the lessons learned from the project scenarios


Agile E2E (End to End) review process


Q & A                   




3 days





Tuition Fee


    London, United Kingdom 



9-11 April 2018


£2450 + VAT



 Dubai, United Arab Emirates 



6-8 May 2018




  Houston, Texas, United States   



12-14 September 2018










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